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Update from AMWA Chicago

Chicago AMWA Consortium leaders want you to know about some of the events in which they have participated:

  • An event with Women in Bio (WIB) at a film/discussion group featuring the movie, “The Immortal Henrietta Lacks.” Dr. Nancy RG Church presented, “AWMA Chicago” and talked about the AMWA history as the earliest medical organization that promoted and protected women’s health—especially emphasizing that AMWA was the first medical organization to bring attention to the importance of cervical cancer screening.
  • An event at the Victory Gardens Theater where Dr. Nancy RG Church was on a panel to provide the medical perspective of the impact of stroke on the patient and especially the attending consequences to their families.
  • A salon held jointly with Women in Bio featuring Andrea (Andie) Kramer, a Chicago attorney who spoke on the subject of gender inequality.
  • AMWA Chicago will be joining the Patient Engagement Alliances at the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation. We will be a sponsor and AMWA Chicago members will be able to receive free registration. Our logo will be added to their promotional material.

AMWA Chicago will have a strong presence at the annual American Medical Association meeting and the Organized Medical Staff Section as well as the Women Physician Section and the House of Delegates.

Thank you,

Dr. Nancy RG Church

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