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UNREST Wins a 2019 Hi5 Award

Unrest film at Hi5Please join us in celebrating the incredible campaign stories and impact wins of the 2019 Doc Impact Hi5. We are incredibly proud to highlight the work of these five diverse films, hailing from India, China, the USA, Kenya & Europe these films and campaigns exemplify what can be achieved on a range of budgets and by filmmakers and impact producers operating in incredibly different contexts. All while demonstrating excellence in filmmaking as well as creating significant and measurable social impact.

Hi5 to the teams behind: Unrest by Jennifer Brea, Please Remember Me by Qing Zhao, Chasing Coral by Jeff Orlowski, An Insignificant Man by Khushboo Ranka and Vinay Shukla, and Thank You For The Rain by Julia Dahr and Kisilu Musya. We salute you.

To find out more about the films, their achievements and the teams that delivered, download the reports and bathe in the warm glow of neon at the Hi5 website.

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