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Title X Gag Rule

Protect X.

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What you can do to help Protect Title X

1. Post on social with our graphic (sample copy and graphic linked below).

As a [provider/doctors/etc], I am committed to ethical patient care. But the Title X gag rule makes it impossible for physicians to give patients accurate and complete information about their health care options. Protect Title X: #ProtectX [graphic]

The patient-provider relationship is based on trust. The gag rule forces providers in the Title X program to violate that trust. Patients deserve accurate and complete information about all their health care options. Protect Title X: #ProtectX [graphic]

2. Make a short video to post on your social channels saying why Title X matters.

(sample script below)

Video Script:

We need to talk about Title X

Do you know about it? For starters, it provides birth control, cancer screenings, STI tests, and other preventive care to 4 million people. It’s been around nearly 50 years.

The administration released a dangerous rule that threatens to destroy Title X — and attack people’s health and rights. This rule will hit people with low incomes hardest. That’s just wrong. Health care is a human right.

Stand with me; don’t let this happen.

We must Protect Title X. So please share this video. And, go to to learn more. #ProtectX

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