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Tell Secretary Betsy DeVos to uphold essential Title IX guidance

Today, the Trump Administration announced they are dismantling Title IX protections. Secretary Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education issued a letter officially revoking 2011 guidance that clarified and strengthened the enforcement of crucial protections under Title IX for survivors of sexual assault and harassment.

It is essential that we flood the Department of Education with petitions supporting Title IX and the 2011 guidelines on enforcement.

Make your voice heard:
Add your name to take a stand and tell Secretary Betsy DeVos that you support strong Title IX protections for survivors.

Since these 2011 Title IX guidelines were introduced, we’ve seen more schools hire Title IX coordinators and begin to more effectively address sexual assault incidents on campuses. We cannot walk back this progress – we need to stand strong with survivors of sexual assault and make sure school administrations are held accountable for providing the support and protections ensured by Title IX.

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