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Tell Congress to Support the Raise the Wage Act

Tell your lawmakers to stand with working families and women.

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Millions of workers—mostly women and disproportionately women of color—struggle to make ends meet for themselves and their families on poverty-level wages. The Raise the Wage Act would give one in three women a raise, lifting millions of families out of poverty. It would:

  • Increase the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 per hour by 2024, and then make sure it continues to rise along with wages for other workers.
  • Ensure that tipped workers—who are mostly women—have paychecks they can depend on, by phasing in a requirement for employers to pay their tipped employees the regular minimum wage before tips.
  • Help close the gender wage gap.
  • Reduce poverty and strengthen the economy.

Tell your members of Congress: Make hardworking families a priority by supporting the Raise the Wage Act.

The Trump Administration has made it clear that its attacks on the well-being of women and working families won’t stop. That’s why we need to make sure our representatives in Congress will stand up to these assaults—they work for us, after all.

The Raise the Wage Act puts women and families first. It’s time for Congress to side with working families over corporations.

Tell Congress: Show us your support for this important legislation, now.

Thanks for everything you do for women and families.


Emily J. Martin
General Counsel and Vice President for Workplace Justice
National Women’s Law Center

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