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Are Medical Trainees Adequately Prepared to Speak to Patients about Alzheimer’s Disease? Take the Medical Trainee Survey!

A Message from AMWA’s Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Neelum Aggarwal.

Recently, I had the privilege to present with Vivian Pinn, MD, founding director of the Office of Research on Women’s Health, National Institutes of Health on the topic of “Sex and Gender Differences in Medicine.”

This webinar provided an opportunity to explain how sex differences in multiple medical conditions and disease states can impact diagnosis, treatment choice and outcomes. One medical condition, Alzheimer’s Disease, is of particularly relevant to women, as not only are women the primary caregivers to loved one’s with the disease, they also appear to be at increased risk for developing the disease.

If you are surprised to read this, you are not alone. Question is, are you prepared to diagnose, treat and care for patients or your loved ones with this disease?

AMWA has partnered with Us Against Alzheimer’s Disease, to survey our membership, about our awareness and understanding of this disease. We are surveying medical trainees across all of our chapters about the education received regarding Alzheimer’s Disease. We need your input.

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