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Studio AMWA 2020 Meeting White Coat Project

Studio AMWA is planning its 2020 meeting white coat project to be a part of a NYC-based white coat idea, No Longer Empty (NLE). It was inspired by AMWA’s past white coat projects and is being promoted by our own Kathryn Ko, MD.

This is an easy project. Just take a photo of the back of your white coat and add a message digitally. You can do it on your phone.

  • Physical painted messages are also welcome and we can display those coats at the annual meeting.
  • Physical copies of the photos with digital messages will be made and displayed at the Studio AMWA booth, too.

We hope as many people as possible will participate on Instagram.

More information about the No Longer Empty (NLE) project.

The purpose of the initiative is to empower medical professionals to see the back of their white coats as blank canvases, through which they can express their passion collectively and build meaningful connections with others – common recommendations address physician burnout and improve patient/physician relationships.

One of our main initiatives is an Instagram #WhiteCoatChallenge, where we hope to get as many folks as possible to post images of the back of their white coats/scrubs and customize it with positive messages (which can be added digitally) via Instagram on March 22, along with the hashtags #WhiteCoatChallenge and #NoLongerEmpty

As an influencer, I would appreciate it if you [and your organization] can join me in this movement and do one or all of the following:

  1. Commit to post a (digitally) personalized coat on Instagram on March 22 with #WhiteCoatChallenge and #WhiteCoatChallenge
  2. Serve as a champion for the movement in your community – get others to post and participate (we can provide communication templates)
  3. Engage with us on other parts of the #WhiteCoatChallenge (get physical coats, participate in gifting coats, join designing sessions, etc.)
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