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Stand Up to Sex Trafficking: Awareness, Implementation, and Networking (SUSTAIN)

Physicians Against the Trafficking of Humans (PATH) hosted its first SUSTAIN Training for medical students and resident physicians at City University of New York (CUNY) on April 29. The seminar focused on training students about the core facts healthcare providers need to know regarding the intersection of anti-trafficking advocacy and healthcare. Participants observed a presentation cultivated by leading physicians and legal advocates and then had the opportunity to practice their own presentation skills.

Public speaking veteran and PATH Leader, Holly Atkinson, MD, taught evidenced based presentation skills. She is featured in the picture above instructing students on the key elements of a presentation. Dr. Atkinson, in addition to Dr. Kanani Titchen and legal advocate Whitney Hood, JD, were key speakers at the seminar. Collaborators Drs. Mollie Gordon and Julia Geynisman-Tan provided learning materials based on their clinical experiencing serving trafficked persons.

Preliminary results of pre- and post- surveys showed students became more familiar with key anti-trafficking definitions and facts. The surveys showed that participants became more familiar with anti-trafficking laws, the prevalence of trafficking, and were more comfortable educating peers and leaders at their institution on the topic.

Additional SUSTAIN Training will be hosted in the upcoming year in cities around the United States including Chicago and Houston. If interested in attending future SUSTAIN Trainings or for information on how to become involved in the planning committee, please contact Alyssa Davis at

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