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Stand Up to Sex Trafficking: Awareness, Implementation, and Networking (SUSTAIN)

AMWA’s Physicians Against the Trafficking of Humans (PATH) held their 2nd SUSTAIN training on September 30th, 2017, in Chicago, IL at Northwestern University Medical School. AMWA physicians Dr. Julia Geynisman and Dr. Kanani Titchen presented. Chicago community partners from STOP-IT, the Salvation Army and Community Services, and Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Family Services provided local resources. Twenty-three 23 nursing and medical students and physicians from 5 medical institutions across 3 states participated in the training.

Pre- and post-training data are being analyzed to determine the efficacy and retention of the SUSTAIN training curriculum.

Some anecdotes from participants:

Which parts of the training were most useful?

I enjoyed the training! The Powerpoint was extremely informative. I loved the open discourse and discussion. Although I do not enjoy public speaking, I found the activity to be helpful and engaging.

The discussion. I appreciated the stories shared and the conversations that took place

Discussing cases about human trafficking

Discussing next steps after suspecting human trafficking in a patient

Discussing laws and definitions of trafficking

Least useful?

Print outs would have been great of slides – Some of the peer conversation/feedback

Can’t think of any

I really appreciated the entire presentation and found it very valuable, and I want to be more involved.

Participants expressed interest in knowing more about

how male victim-survivors navigate the healthcare system

personal stories of survivors and what they think needs to improve

how to become more involved as an advocate

role-playing opportunities to learn how to work with these patients

LGBTQIA patient populations.

Based on these data and others, we continue to improve our SUSTAIN training.

Please see the Events tab on the PATH page for details on upcoming trainings.

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