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Special note from Pfizer Rx Pathways

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, our thoughts remain with all of those impacted, as does our steadfast commitment to help them with their prescription needs during this challenging time.

To ensure that patients have continued access to their Pfizer medicines, we have implemented disaster relief protocols at Pfizer RxPathways®, a service that connects patients to the Pfizer assistance programs that may be right for them. If a medicine provided through the Pfizer Patient Assistance Program has been destroyed or lost, or patients who are enrolled are unable to reach their doctors’ offices and need their medicine shipped to an alternate location, we can help. Additionally, if new patients urgently need a Pfizer medicine but have been displaced and are unable to access income documentation and other paperwork needed for enrollment into the Pfizer Patient Assistance Program, we are able to waive these requirements so that patients can receive their medication as quickly as possible.

We are sharing this information via social media and on the Pfizer RxPathways website, as well as sending out emails to our patients and healthcare providers who have been affected by the storm. To help us spread the word even further, and to make sure that it reaches those who need it most, please let patients in your communities know that if they need assistance, Pfizer RxPathways is just a phone call away. They can call us toll-free at 1-844-989-PATH (7284), Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm ET. Medicine Access Counselors are standing by, and they are eager to assist.

Please also know that Pfizer has activated a comprehensive and coordinated plan at a company-wide level to provide additional disaster support. Significant cash grants have been provided by the Pfizer Foundation to key organizations leading relief efforts on the ground, including the American Red Cross, World Vision, and AmeriCares. The Pfizer Foundation has also implemented a special one-to-one match for monetary donations made by Pfizer colleagues to the American Red Cross during the next month. And finally, product donations of both prescription and consumer products are currently underway through Direct Relief and AmeriCares, and Pfizer is prepared to make additional product donations to these organizations and others, as needed.

We wish everyone strength and resilience during the healing and rebuilding process.


Janet McUlsky

Senior Director, National Alliance Development

The Pfizer Foundation is a charitable organization established by Pfizer Inc. The Pfizer patient assistance program is a joint program of Pfizer Inc and the Pfizer Patient Assistance Foundation™. The Pfizer Foundation and the Pfizer Patient Assistance Foundation are separate legal entities from Pfizer Inc with distinct legal restrictions.

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