SheMD, a New Virtual Community of Practice for Women Trainees, Looking for Contributors

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  • August 06, 2018

SheMD is a virtual community of practice where they discuss, discover, and delve into the adventure of women on the road to MD. SheMD strives to inspire and educate women in medical training about gender disparities and to provide tools to overcome inequality. They aim to create a culture where future generations of physicians will achieve equality in medicine.

SheMD was founded in June of 2018 by two young academic Emergency Medicine physicians and AMWA members, Drs. Melissa Parsons and Lexie Mannix. During residency, they both began to notice personal experiences with gender inequality in medicine and medical education. Upon completing residency, they decided to combine forces and create a platform specifically catering to women in medical training.

SheMD’s main goal is improving gender inequality in medicine and they believe this will be achieved by amplifying the voices of all women in medicine. Therefore, sheMD is looking for contributors! Please email them at with submission ideas.

Learn more about sheMD on their website, as well as multiple social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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