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Sex and Gender Health Education Summit: A Giant Step Forward

Sex and Gender Health Education Summit: A Giant Step Forward

The Sex and Gender Health Education Summit (April 2018) was a landmark event that brought together over 250 attendees from all over the world, representing multiple health disciplines, including medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, and allied health. The Summit was co-sponsored by AMWA, the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health, the Mayo Clinic, and the University of Utah.  Held at the University of Utah Health, this 2-day conference featured dynamic keynote speakers, panel discussions, plenary sessions, and workshops.  The Summit provided a roadmap and the use of SMART goals for the progression of sex and gender concepts in health education within an interprofessional framework.

The opportunity for multi-professional collaboration fostered a collegial atmosphere with networks developing as conference attendees discussed both similar and diverse challenges

Key outcomes from the Summit will be (1) increased integration of sex and gender specific health education across all disciplines, (2) development of MARK (Multiprofessional Achievable Required Knowledge) goals, and (3) a growing interprofessional network of educators.  Ultimately, it will result in the education of a new generation of providers whose approach to healthcare research and practice will be through a sex/gender lens.

AMWA’s Sex and Gender Health Collaborative will be working hard to ensure that the outcomes of the Summit are met across the country.  Our network is already being expanded to include educators and providers from not only medicine but nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, and allied health.

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