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Raising Awareness of the Importance of Sex and Gender Specific Medicine

Host a Virtual Screening of Ms. Diagnosed    Give your Medical Education Dean a Book: How Sex and Gender Impact Clinical Practice    Sign up to be a Women's Health Champion

Since AMWA co-founded the Sex and Gender Health Collaborative (SGHC) in 2008, there has been interest in promoting more awareness of the need for the integration of sex and gender healthcare into the medical education curricula. The SGHC began work to create a digital resource library, a newsletter, and a collaborative network of allies within this field.

From 2015 to 2021, AMWA hosted a series of  summits that convened educators, experts, researchers, and other stakeholders to address strategies for promoting the integration of sex and gender health education into the curricula for medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and allied health fields. Following the last Summit, the strategy shifted from convening to promoting outreach among the different professions through awareness campaigns, grants, and more.

In 2022, AMWA launched screenings of Ms. Diagnosed, a film that raises awareness of the gender bias within our healthcare system and healthcare disparities in women. Screenings were promoted first among medical student branches and then residency programs. These screenings will conclude on August 31, 2023. Take advantage of the final opportunity to host a virtual screening where individuals may watch on demand over these final few days. For the organizers, the work is minimal — just send out an AMWA templated email to announce the screening and share the link. To host a virtual on demand screening, sign-up here.

In addition, AMWA has procured over 70 copies of How Sex and Gender Impact Clinical Practice (Jenkins and Newman), the first clinical textbook to address sex and gender specific medicine. We plan to distribute these books among medical curricular leaders across the country, to encourage integration of this information into their current programs. If you would like to gift a book to the medical education dean at your institution, please sign up here.

This year is also the 30th Anniversary of the NIH Revitalization Act which led to the guidelines supporting the inclusion of women and minorities in clinical trials. AMWA recently launched a Women’s Health Champions program to inspire the next generation of researches, clinicians, and healthcare leaders to address disparities in the health of women.

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