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Pilot SafetyNEST’s platform on environmental toxin education, in partnership with AMWA

AMWA is partnering with SafetyNEST, a platform which offers a centralized hub for reproductive health care providers and pregnant women to engage, learn, track, and share content that’s easy to access and highly relevant. Content is delivered via the web, mobile devices, and printed resources that are distributed through health providers and promoted with strategic alliances and social media. SafetyNEST content is adapted from UCSF Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment (PRHE), Mount Sinai Hospital’s Center for Children’s Environmental Health, and Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units.

The SafetyNEST minimum viable product (MVP) was recently tested with 50 pregnant women through UCSF and San Francisco General Hospital. SafetyNEST is now taking feedback from the MVP testing and designing Version 1.0.

How can you get involved?

E-mail to:

  • Participate in a Health Provider Focus Group and earn $50 for your time.
  • Join a Health Provider Ambassador Program and help promote SafetyNEST in your healthcare system, practice or community.
  • Join a future, inaugural SafetyNEST Coach Certification Program.
  • Sign up to receive updates and news from the SafetyNEST team.
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