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Physician Re-Entry to Practice Blog

AMWA Immediate Past-President Kim Templeton, MD, FAMWA, FAOA, has written a blog about this important topic:

According to the AMA, “physician re-entry” is defined as “a return to clinical practice in the discipline in which one has been trained or certified following an extended period of clinical inactivity not resulting from discipline or impairment.” Re-entry is distinct from “remediation”, during which a physician may need time away from practice or a period of monitoring because of issues identified in his/her practice. Re-entry is also different from “re-training”, in which a physician is not in active practice while he/she trains for another specialty. Re-entry refers to the path for physicians who voluntarily leave the practice of medicine, allow their licenses to lapse or change to inactive or exempt status, and then wish to re-active their licenses to return to practice.

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