Physician Nominations for Panels Developing Medicare Cost Episodes

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  • March 06, 2018

In a continuation of its work to develop NEW Medicare cost measures based on episodes of care, CMS is soliciting nominations from physicians interested in participating on panels that will provide clinical input and advice to the contractor (Acumen) developing the new measures. Seven earlier panels developed eight measures that are likely to be used in the cost section of MIPS beginning in 2018. Six of these panels are being reconvened to work on additional measures. Four new ones addressing other clinical areas are also being convened. Nominations for these are due by March 20. In addition, there will be an ongoing selection process for a pool of additional clinicians who would be available to participate on smaller subgroups once the larger panels have chosen which episode they want to pursue. Please see the attached document for more information on the clinical areas and specialties that will be involved in developing this second wave of episodes. The AMA encourages participation in this effort.

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