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Paying it forward – supporting our medical students!

Our amazing, dynamic, and incredibly talented student division has launched a Centennial Fund campaign to help subsidize student expenses in attending the Centennial Meeting. We lost some of our travel grant funding this year and want to ensure that we can still support student attendance at the meeting. As we all know, these meetings offer our students a wonderful opportunity to network with physician and student leaders from all over the country.

Please consider even just a small tax-deductible contribution to help out in this effort. Students will be supporting other students with Pay it Forward $10 donations. We hope that physicians can support at some of the higher levels and enjoy the perks that come with those levels. Please forward this e-mail widely to physician networks as well as to colleagues, friends, and parents. If you are a past grant recipient, please help make it possible for future students to have the support that you received. Thank you in advance for supporting the next generation of women physicians.

Link to the crowd funding campaign:

Have a wonderful holiday!

Eliza Lo Chin, MD, MPH
Executive Director
American Medical Women’s Association

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