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On-Line Reviews of Physicians

How much trust do you place in on-line reviews? How often do you think that your patients look at on-line reviews before they make an appointment to see you? Anonymous on-line reviews are proliferating, including those of physicians. However, the impact of making a decision based on such reviews is more significant when deciding on healthcare than using those reviews to decide on a restaurant. Yet there is no difference in the vetting between those reviews. There this increasing evidence that physicians may alter how they practice, including ordering more tests or medications, so that patients’ expectations are met. Meeting expectations may have more influence on a subsequent review than objective improvement in a health condition (“The Yelping of the American Doctor,”, March 22, 2018).

Prior studies indicate that most physicians at some point are the subject of on-line reviews. However, there is no data to indicate how many physician are aware if they have been reviewed or if they have read these reviews. In addition, there is no data to indicate the impact of negative reviews. AMWA is going to take the lead in addressing this and need your help. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey:

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NBC News has identified this as an issue and will be airing a story soon, comprised of interviews with AMWA members. We would like to include some of the results of this study in that report, so please respond to the survey by Friday, April 20, 2018. If you have specific stories of the impact of on-line reviews, please contact me at Thanks for your help and support of AMWA!

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