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AMWA joins #NeedHerScience Campaign

AMWA Joins the Need Her Science Campaign

The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) joins #NeedHerScience to raise awareness about gender bias in publishing.

All members and allies are encouraged to take the pledge:

“As part of determining where to submit my manuscripts, I will look at the list of editors and consider whether a journal has equitably included qualified women at every level.”

The ultimate goal will be to share with stakeholders — including journal editors and owners — the overall number of physicians, scientists, educators and others who have taken the pledge.

AMWA is determined to promote gender equity for its members, and one way to affect change is to encourage more women doctors to consider where they want to announce their research findings or writings. The #NeedHerScience Pledge is a great way for AMWA members to show their commitment to gender equity in publishing.

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