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National Voter Registration Day

Civic engagement is a vital component of our patients’ health and our role as practitioners. Civic engagement allows us to address key social determinants of health that impact our communities’ mortality, quality of life and overall vitality.

TODAY is National Voter Registration Day – September 20.

Given the important connection between health and voting, the American Medical Women’s Association is participating in National Voter Registration Day. We are asking all members and staff to take 30 seconds to double-check they are registered to vote at their current address by clicking the link below:

Double Check Your Voter Registration

Physicians have historically not been active voters, participating at a rate lower than that of the general population. It’s time to change that. Legislative decisions impact our patients and our ability to care for them.

That is why AMWA has partnered with the Civic Health Alliance and Vot-ER to promote voter engagement and provide information for our members and allies.

Check out the resources below and encourage your colleagues and patients to Register and Make a Plan to Vote!

Vot-ER Resources

Civic Health Alliance Resources

  • Share a Slide. Add a one-page slide to any presentation reminding people to register to vote.
  • Share RxVote Prescriptions. Order free RxVote “prescription” pads that make it easy for patients to register, check if they’re registered, or order absentee ballots.
  • Change your Email Signature. Add a vote reminder to your email signature that reminds all recipients to check their voter registration status.
  • Contact Your Network. Use any of these pre-scripted emails or sample social posts that invite others to join you in efforts to increase civic engagement in healthcare.
  • Resources – digital and print media and legal FAQs

Bolder Advocacy Resources


Thank you for your commitment to improving the health of our community.


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