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MWIA and AMWA Leaders at the World Trade Organization

AMWA Executive Director Dr. Eliza Chin joined MWIA President Dr. Eleanor Nwadinobi and MWIA Secretary General Dr. Mariam Jashi in meeting with Bernard Kuiten, Head of External Relations, Information and External Relations Division at the World Trade Organization.

The focal point of the discussion centered on gender and economic empowerment and areas of overlap with the work of MWIA and AMWA and priorities of the World Trade Organization and its member states.

In 2020, the WTO established an Informal Working Group on Trade and Gender which brings WTO members and observers together advance efforts to increase women’s participation in global trade.

AMWA leaders discussed the gender gap in leadership was discussed, especially the glaring discrepancy between those who decide healthcare policies (less than 30% of the leadership are women) and those who are the consumers of healthcare (80% of household health decisions are made by women) and those who are the workforce within healthcare (75% of healthcare workers are women).

Dr. Chin also shared information about two of AMWA’s programs that may have implications for trade policies: (1) gender inclusive product design, including PPE and (2) awareness of fraudulent drugs campaign.

AMWA looks forward to working with MWIA on a proposal for WTO’s Public Forum (September 2023) which will cover three main topics, “The role of the services sector in sustainable trade,” “Inclusive policies for the advancement of green trade,” and “Digitalisation as a tool for the greening of supply chains.”

L-R: Dr. Eleanor Nwadinobi, Bernard Kuiten, Dr. Mariam Jashi, Dr. Eliza Chin

L-R Dr. Eliza Chin, Dr. Eleanor Nwadinobi, Bernard Kuiten, Dr. Mariam Jashi


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