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Mother and Daughter Team Up on Presentation at the BMWF Meeting

Dr. Connie Newman and her daughter Vanessa Tobert attended the BMWF Centenary meeting and presented a poster on solutions for the prevention and treatment of obesity in the UK.

The poster, “Innovative Solutions for the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity,” was presented at the British Medical Women’s Federation Centenary meeting on May 10 and 11. Authors were Dr. Connie Newman, Vanessa Tobert (who will finish medical school at Kings College London in June), Dr. Katherine Heyman-Saunders, and Dr. Rekha Kumar.

The prevalence of obesity in the UK is increasing (from 15 percent in 1993 to 26 percent in 2014). The poster highlighted the complexities of the regulation of food intake and energy expenditure, which make it difficult for people who lose weight to maintain the lower weight. Solutions for prevention and treatment of obesity included development of a curriculum on body weight regulation, nutrition, and obesity for undergraduate and postgraduate medical training; public education about healthy eating and physical activity; and more research on sex differences in adipose tissue deposition and regulation, which could lead to sex based approaches to treatment, including potential drug targets.

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