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Medical Women’s International Meeting

The 30th International Congress of the Medical Women’s International Association, Generation Y: Challenges of the Future for Female Medical Doctors, was held July 28-31, 2016 at the University of Vienna in Austria. Over 600 attendees gathered from all over the world representing 40 different countries. Meeting highlights included 7 keynotes lectures, 82 educational sessions, 5 workshops, 54 posters, musical performances, waltz lessons, local winery reception, and gala featuring. Themes from the Congress resonated with AMWA initiatives – women’s health, gender specific medicine, violence against women, human trafficking, leadership, and career / life issues for women in medicine. It was fascinating to see both similarities and differences among various countries. Opportunities for networking were abundant, marked by reunions with friends, introductions, and new connections.  Attendees returned home with a renewed sense of global connection among women in medicine across the world.

New MWIA Leadership began their three-year term including MWIA President, Dr. Bettina Pfleiderer (Germany), officers and regional vice-presidents.  Several new resolutions were adopted and are available for review at

At the final General Assembly, AMWA was selected as the host organization for the 2019 MWIA Centennial meeting to bring the association back to New York City where it was founded in 1919 by AMWA Past President, Dr. Esther Pohl Lovejoy.

Sixteen AMWA members attended the MWIA Tri-ennial Congress:  *Dr. Padmini Murthy, Dr.Satty Keswani, Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber˚, Dr. Suzanne Harrison, Dr. Diana Galindo*˚, Dr. Karen Poirier-Brode, *Dr. Elena Dyer, *Dr. Phyllis Carr, Dr. Allison Batchelor, Samia Osman, ˚Rachel Cohen, ˚Hilary Samuelson, ˚Yuliana Noah, ˚Sarah Marx, and ˚Rachel Zolno.  Congratulations to Hilary, Rachel C., Sarah, Yuliana, Rachel Z., and their mentors Dr. Kanani Titchen, Dr. Holly Atkinson, and Dr. Nadine Katz for the selection of their poster in the top 10 finalists. Congratulations to Dr. Padmini Murthy who will begin her 3-year term as the MWIA North America Vice-President.

(*presenter, ˚poster)


About MWIA:  MWIA is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) with members from all 5 continents. Embodied in its mission is the objective to raise the health status of the communities in which the members work, especially the health and development of women and children in those communities. Membership in MWIA allows medical women the opportunity to meet and confer upon questions concerning the health and well-being of humanity; to promote the general interest of medical women by developing cooperation, friendship, and understanding without regard to race, religion or political views; to overcome gender-related differences in health and healthcare between women and men, girls and boys throughout the world; and to overcome gender-related inequalities in the medical profession.



MWIA delegates from the US, Germany, and Ghana



Dr. Elena Dyer (far left) and Dr. Diana Galindo (far right) with MWIA colleagues



AMWA Medical Students L-R: Rachel Cohen, Yuliana Noah, Samia Osman (AMWA Student President), Hilary Samuelson, Rachel Zolno, Sarah Marx

IMG_6192US Delegates (partial group)  
IMG_6267US Delegates with MWIA Colleagues
IMG_6280Dr. Allison Batchelor with Dr. Diana Galindo
IMG_6303Dr. Allison Batchelor with Dr. Satty Keswani
2016-07-29 14.36.21MWIA Meeting
2016-07-29 14.58.35L-R: Dr. Eliza Chin, Dr. Mini Murthy, and Dr. Satty Keswani presenting AMWA’s bid to host the MWIA Centennial
2016-07-30 20.57.39L – R: Dr. Christiane Poulliart (VP Central Europe), Dr. Bettina Pfleiderer (MWIA Incoming President), Dr. Osha
2016-07-30 21.50.27Korean delegation performs a dance number at the MWIA gala.
2016-07-30 21.53.10MWIA Outgoing President Dr. Kyung Ah Park performs
2016-07-30 21.54.05Ghana delegates sing Let There Be Love Shared Amongst Us
2016-07-30 21.55.41MWIA Gala
2016-07-30 22.00.55MWIA President Dr. Bettina Pfleiderer (far left) and Dr. Bong Ok Kim (far right)
2016-07-31 16.37.44 HDRMWIA Meeting Billboard
  2016-07-30 20.37.23Dr. Eliza Chin with delegates from Hong Kong
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