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Medical Student Q&A on Human Trafficking – Getting Involved

Dear AMWA student members,

This Monday March 23rd we will be hosting a medical student panel Q and A session about human trafficking, and more specifically about how to get involved as a medical student.

It will be short and sweet with the following structure:

– 20 minute intro during which each of our four medical student speakers will give a brief introduction (3-5 minutes) about how they have gotten involved in ending human trafficking
– 5 minute video on the basics and Need To Know of how to handle an encounter with a human trafficking survivor
– 15 minutes Q and A session; come with questions!

Please sign up even if you are not sure can attend otherwise I will not be able to send you the webinar information.

Here is the poster link with student speaker bio’s

Here is the link to sign up: *Please include email address! I cannot send you the webinar link without an email address.
Again I HIGHLY encourage you to attend if you are interested in doing human trafficking advocacy or outreach work as part of your continuing medical career! I would especially love to speak to anyone who is interested in helping to organize these webinars afterwards – I’m looking for help this coming year :).

Thank you for your interest, and please let me know if you have trouble signing up.

Noona Leavell

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