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Maternity Leave Task Force Update

The Maternity Leave Task Force was very busy in 2015. What began as a poster presentation at the AMWA Centennial Meeting has now expanded into a national campaign.
In efforts to spread the significance of paid parental leave, a letter to the editor was published last fall in the Indy Star and another

presentation was given at a local conference- the Labor of Love Summit.
An article is set to publish in the Indianapolis Medical Society Bulletin in February, 2016 about the impact of paid maternity leave on mothers and children. Furthermore, a campaign is currently underway to encourage all AMWA members to write to their local state representatives and advocate for paid maternity leave using the attached letter.
In the upcoming months, collaborative work will be done with the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) on state family leave campaigns. The plan is to connect state AWMA members to active campaigns in 2016. Four audio conferences will be held, in which CLASP pulls together state advocate/legislators and gives AMWA the opportunity to alert those state members about the Task Force’s efforts and ask if any are already engaged- like New York and Connecticut.
As members of the medical community, we must advocate for paid maternity leave.   Start the new year with  the Maternity Leave Task Force’s Letter.

Letter to representatives -click here

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