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Medical Student Division President-Elect Lawren Wooten Co-Founds DC COVID Sitters to Help Local Healthcare Workers

Medical Student Division President-Elect Lawren Wooten

Medical Student Division President-Elect Lawren Wooten

About a month ago, I and 7 other med students from GU, GW and HU, co-founded DC COVID Sitters. We are matching local college, graduate, medical, law, and other students with local healthcare workers in need of childcare, pet sitting, errands, grocery delivery, etc. during the COVID19 pandemic. Anyone working at a healthcare facility is eligible to receive help including custodians, MAs, techs, doctors, nurses. We are limited to serving DC metro areas (including MD and VA suburbs).

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We have had many successful matches so far and feel lucky to provide this service to our healthcare colleagues for free.

Recently the DC mayor made it mandatory to wear masks in public. This prompted me to start sewing masks 2 days ago. They are 100% cotton, made from new bed sheets. It was slow going at first, but I’ve made 12 so far. We recently heard from our DC leadership that DC waste management workers and USPS workers were in need of masks, so I’m planning on donating masks to them and elderly residents in my neighborhood.

If you’d like any other information, you can reach Lawren at

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