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IUSM AMWA Students Host Health Screening Event April 6th in Indianapolis

Larissa Combs, MS3; Raymundo Gonzalez; Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD; Paco Espinoza

SCORE: Over 80 kids now ready to play the field!

Eskenazi Health and SCORE have teamed up to create a new soccer program for local Indianapolis kids. On April 6th, several AMWA IUSM students and faculty attended the kickoff ceremony at the Eskenazi Grassy Creek location where blood pressure and BMI screenings were obtained for over 80 children who registered. We hope to gather the children’s BMI and BP at the end of the season for comparison. This was an incredible opportunity to collaborate with SCORE as well as work with families in an underserved area of the city. SCORE soccer club, founded by Paco Espinoza, uses soccer as an avenue to teach children their guiding principles of respect, integrity, courage, perseverance, humility, excellence and service.

Mary Erickson, MD

Deena Elsahy, MS3

Austen Stoelting, MS3; Deena Alsahy, MS3; Mary Erickson, MD; Larissa Combs, MS3

Austen Stoelting, MS3; Deena Alsahy, MS3; Terri Litty, MD; Mary Erickson, MD

Austen Stoelting, MS3

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