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Indianapolis held iGIANT in conjunction with IU NCOE, Cook Medical, and AWMA

AMWA Past President Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber co-hosted an iGIANT roundtable on June 12 in Indianapolis, IN. Attendees of the roundtable included leaders in academia, industry, digital health, education, and more.

iGIANT (Impact of Gender/Sex on Innovation and Novel Technologies) seeks to understand how technology accommodates gender and sex in our lives, work, and home. What technology issues do we face and how we can use our position, voice, and platform to raise awareness and promote change. iGIANT roundtables look at the importance of usability and the need to assess operability by sex and biomechanics.

We all need to be proponents of sex and gender equity in leadership and pay. Research shows companies with women leaders are more profitable, and we encourage women and push for them in leadership roles across all spectrums.

By learning to change our vocabulary, we can address the lack of dialogue regarding inclusivity for all members of society. Learn from social media. We pay attention to its language and the role it plays in moving the needle of gender acceptance. Capitalize on this, and take the conversation to a higher level and larger audiences.

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Get a better feel for what goes on at an iGIANT by viewing this synopsis for a meeting June 12 in Indianapolis.

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