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Four student leaders from the American Medical Women’s Association were invited to the White House to attend the Young America Conference and discuss the Affordable Care Act and Open Enrollment

They had the opportunity to assess the current situation for Americans working to register for health insurance and how physicians may be impacted by the Affordable Care Act in the near future. Special guest and Secretary of Health and Human Services, Sylvia Burwell, stopped to take a picture with the aspiring physicians!


L-R: Mica Esquenazi, Fatima Fahs, Secretary Burwell, Samia Osman, and Jackie Wong


L-R: Fatima Fahs, Jackie Wong, Samia Osman, and Mica Esquenazi


L-R: Mica Esquenazi and Jackie Wong


L-R: Fatima Fahs, Mica Esquenazi, and Jackie Wong



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