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Dr. Monica Broome Appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Global Listening Board

Dr. Monica Broome has been appointed Vice Chairman of the Global Listening Board (effective 2nd Feb 2018). An internationally famous figure in the field of healthcare communication, Dr. Broome draws respect globally for her significant contributions in the fields of medicine, womanhood, law & healthcare communication. Dr. Broome believes Listening is the most critical need in today’s fast-changing, digital world for bringing better health, peace, love and progress in our global society.

Needless to say, with your full cooperation and support, Dr. Monica Broome will create a great productive team. I am sincerely convinced that under the leadership of Dr. Monica Broome, the GLC will be a leader in the field of listening, dedicated to improving human lives. A brief bio is mentioned of Dr. Monica is given below.

For more information visit the Global Listening Centre website.

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