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Dr. Laura Roebuck’s Art Exhibit at Lola San Francisco

Dr. Laura Roebuck’s San Francisco opening exhibit at Lola San Francisco will run through the end of the month. It is well worth the visit. While Dr. Roebuck’s abstract art is mostly comprised of large pieces, this exhibit also features many of her smaller pieces.  The paintings are perfectly complemented by the fashion designs on display at Lola San Francisco, some with painted textiles and many one of a kind pieces.



About Dr. Laura Roebuck:  Dr. Laura Roebuck is a psychiatrist and artist based out of Mill Valley, CA. She is the 2017 recipient of AMWA’s Camille Mermod Award.

About Lola Herrera:  Lola Herrera, a graduate of California Institute for the Arts, works out of her studio storefront in San Francisco and is known for her work in textiles, fashion, illustrations, and painting.

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