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Dr. Kim Templeton, AMWA immediate past president, is seeking volunteers to provide input into addressing gender differences in the treatment of patients with musculoskeletal conditions in medical education.

Musculoskeletal Health

Musculoskeletal conditions are among the most frequent issues with which patients present to their primary care physicians. There are significant sex and gender-based differences in almost all areas of musculoskeletal health and disease, similarly to other health conditions. For example, osteoarthritis (the leading cause of disability in the US and around the world) is more common among women, as are almost all of the inflammatory arthropathies (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis), osteoporosis, adolescent scoliosis, anterior cruciate ligament injuries, and several causes of back pain. In addition, women tend to have different outcomes from musculoskeletal injury or interventions than do men. Unfortunately, there is typically little musculoskeletal education provided in most medical schools in the US. The US Bone and Joint Initiative* (USBJI), of which AMWA is now a member, has been working for several years to address this. The most recent effort of the USBJI is to develop education tools for 4th year medical students who are planning on careers in primary care (MS4 MSK Education for Future Primary Care Physicians). I will be leading a task force whose mission is to review the medical student education materials developed by the USBJI to assure that sex and gender difference are addressed. We will also be assessing for inclusion of racial and ethnic differences. This latter arm will be led by Neelum Agarwal, MD, Chief Diversity Officer of AMWA. I would appreciate input from other members of AMWA, particularly those members with experiences in physiatry, rheumatology, and primary care. I would also like to include a medical student interested in musculoskeletal health. If you are interested in participating, please contact me at

Kim Templeton, MD
Immediate Past-President, AMWA
Past-President, USBJI

*The USBJI is a not-for profit organization of organizations that is seeking to improve musculoskeletal health throughout the US through education and research and is a part of a global effort in this area.

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