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Dr. Iwona Podzielinski Receives AMWA Local Hero Award

Iwona Podzielinski, MDIwona Podzielinski, MD GYN Onc in Fort Wayne, IN was awarded the AMWA Local Hero’s Award on November 20, 2019, at the IUSM Ft Wayne Women Physicians and Student Evening of Celebration.

A native of Poland, Dr. Podzielinski has been a practicing physician in the Fort Wayne area for over 20 years. In nominating her for this award, Dr. Linda Han noted that Dr. Podzielinski made a conscious decision to practice in an area of the city that had few GYN surgeons and had a high percentage of low income patients.

“If I don’t go there, how would they get their care?” was Dr. Podzielinski’s answer when questioned about why she chose that area to practice in.

Dr. Podzielinski is not only an active practicing surgeon, she is an educator and frequently teaches the medical students and reaches out to her community.

Dr. Podzielinski is well deserving of this award.

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