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Birth Control Delivered – Pandia Health Founded by AMWA Member

Co-founded by AMWA member, Sophia Yen, MD, MPH, Pandia Health provides free delivery, automatic refills, and annual reminders for PCP visits to renew the prescription. This program can provide an important resource during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandia health is the ONLY #DoctorFounded/Led, #WomenFounded/Led birth control delivery company.

Most private insurances are accepted without co-pay or deductibles.  Delivery in all 50 states. Out of pocket cost without insurance is only $15/month. Telemedicine available. DepoSubQ, OCPs, POPs, patch, and ring are provided (almost all brands).

Join the provider network. Physicians needed across the U.S. Learn more HERE.

Learn about how to refer patients HERE. Use the code GetUsPPE and a donation will be made to help procure PPE for healthcare providers.

For more information, contact


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