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Beyond Physician Partners with AMWA to Expand Opportunities for Women in Medicine

The American Medical Women’s Association is excited to announce a partnership with Beyond Physician, Inc., an on-demand learning academy and marketplace platform exclusively for physicians. announce a strategic partnership with the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), founded more than 100 years ago to advance women physicians. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in career development for women in medicine as we are providing an avenue for them to explore novel experiences, consider side gigs, and consider opportunities that complement their clinical expertise.

Some key aspects of this collaboration include:

  1. Professional Development: Beyond Physician and AMWA are jointly launching professional development programs tailored to complement career goals and interests. These programs aim to provide entrepreneurship, mentorship, and skills enhancement.
  2. Program Development. AMWA and Beyond Physician will collaborate to design courses that promote more satisfying work-life integration for women in healthcare.
  3. Side Gig Opportunities: Through this partnership, AMWA members will have access to guidance and resources that may offer additional income streams or introduce diverse professional experiences to supplement medical practice, and as a means to support women’s career enhancement and progression.

Both organizations express their enthusiasm for this collaboration in supporting women’s empowerment in healthcare. Trent McCracken, CEO of Beyond Physician, says: “Physicians possess unique and valuable skill sets that extend beyond their clinical expertise. This partnership reflects our commitment to helping women physicians learn, earn, and grow to reach their full potential, personally and professionally. We are excited to work with the AMWA members to diversify their skills and showcase their expertise.“

“AMWA seeks opportunities that advance professional growth and leadership of women in healthcare. Our partnership with Beyond Physician aligns perfectly with our mission to expand opportunities for women physicians to gain new skills, expertise, and recognition. Together, we aim to drive positive change in the healthcare industry,” says Eliza Chin, MD, MPH, AMWA Executive Director.

The collaboration between Beyond Physician and AMWA aims to deliver unprecedented access to on-demand resources for skills enhancement and career diversification. Beneficial at every stage of medicine, this marketplace platform offers a variety of innovative experiences that take clinical expertise beyond patient care. This partnership presents resources to meet the unique needs and personal interests of every individual: women in medicine who are early in their career, established in their field, in medical school, or retirees seeking a new path.

In the changing landscape of healthcare, AMWA seeks continued professional growth for their members.

“Beyond Physician presents AMWA members with the flexibility to develop new skills and explore opportunities outside the traditional boundaries of what’s possible in medicine, including an introduction to other sectors like business, law, and finance. I am excited for this partnership to expand the possibilities for women in medicine,” says Kellie Lease Stecher, MD, AMWA member and Beyond Physician Advisor.

When physicians have the opportunity to expand their capabilities and diverse interests, the result can be an infusion of fresh ideas and innovative thinking back to their organizations. This valuable platform promises to lessen the potential for burnout, reinforce the positives of patient care, and encourage a more dynamic and diverse healthcare ecosystem.


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