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Announcing the Inaugural Issue of Humanities and Healing: An Arts and Medicine Journal

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural issue of Humanities and Healing: An Arts and Medicine Journal, which has been published jointly through the efforts of AMWA’s Music and Medicine Committee and the Women’s Health Institute of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

The Journal project was conceived by Dr. Mary Rorro, VA Physician and Founder, A Few Good Notes, and Dr. Gloria Bachmann, director of the Women’s Health Institute. Drs. Rorro and Bachmann, who are Co-Chairs of the AMWA Medical Humanities Committee, were joined by a diverse group of physicians and students to collect, compile, and edit the submitted entries.

This impressive, unique work is a mixed media production that celebrates the range of medical humanities, from reflective writing and visual arts to music and dance. The passion of each of the featured artists leaps off the page and engages the audience in deep and meaningful ways. The beauty of their artistic contributions is a reminder of the power of human connection within medicine.

Thank you to Dr. Bachmann, Dr. Rorro, their organizing team, and to the more than 50 artists featured in the 90 pages of this monumental work. You have produced a moving and unforgettable testament to the passion and creativity of women in medicine.

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