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AMWA’s Senior Fusion Awarded Joseph and Vera Long Foundation Grant

SeniorFusion (, an Oakland-based initiative of AMWA, was awarded a $75,000 grant in the summer of 2022 from The Joseph and Vera Long Foundation to bring innovative technology, educational workshops and group programming to low-income seniors to improve health and wellness.

This fall, SeniorFusion will begin recruiting disadvantaged older adults from the San Francisco Bay Area who are “aging in place,” or living independently in one’s own home, to participate in three 12-week technology pilot projects aimed towards reducing social isolation, monitoring behavior and health changes remotely, and detecting fall incidences without the need for “wearables,” e.g. emergency alert pendants or Apple Watches.

Through the use of technology, SeniorFusion aspires to extend seniors’ independence regardless of age, income, or ability level. Moreover, the technology pilot projects will create opportunities for seniors to contribute to society by providing input on product design and functionality. Discounted pricing is made possible through SeniorFusion’s relationships with technology developers.

The Vera and Joseph Long Foundation’s grant will additionally support SeniorFusion’s educational technology workshops geared towards seniors with limited incomes. Finally, beginning in February, 2023, SeniorFusion will work with St. Mary’s Center to offer a series of in-person and remote group sessions on various health topics, i.e. physical safety, scamming and bodily changes as we age.

For more information, please email SeniorFusion co-founders, Carla Din and Doug Mosher


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