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AMWA’s documentary, At Home and Over There: American Women Physicians in World War I had its U.S. Premiere at the French Embassy in Washington, DC

The event, which was attended by many AMWA leaders and colleagues, also featured another film, The American in Paris: The True Story of the American Hospital of Paris in WWI.  The film screenings were followed by a joint Q&A with panelists John Crawford (Vice-Chairman of the Board of Governors, American Hospital of Paris), Marshall Waiss (Chairman of the Board of Governors, American Hospital of Paris), Dr. Eliza Chin (AMWA Executive Director), and Mollie Marr (AMWA OHSU Branch President).

At Home and Over There tells the incredible story of American women physicians who served during the First World War despite widespread discrimination.  Driven by patriotism and a desire to serve, these unsung heroines worked in hospitals, dispensaries, canteens, and ambulance units both during the war and in the years that followed.

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L-R: Dr. Eliza Chin, Elizabeth Fox, Mollie Mar

L-R: Dr. Allison Batchelor, Elizabeth Fox, Dr. Roselyn Epps, Dr. Roberta Gebhard, Dr. Eliza Chin, Mollie Marr, Dr. Omega Silva, Dr. Saralyn Mark

L-R: Dr. Eliza Chin, Céline Jaeggy (Counselor Labor, Health and Social Welfare, Embassy of France)

L-R: Gregory Gebhard, Dr. Roberta Gebhard

L-R: Mollie Marr and Dr. Eliza Chin

L-R: Dr. Allison Batchelor and Dr. Roberta Gebhard

L-R: Mollie Marr, Dr. Omega Silva, and Dr. Eliza Chin

Dr. Allison Batchelor

Producer Mollie Marr (L)

Film Credits

Executive Producers: Eliza Lo Chin and Keri Kukral
Producer: Mollie Marr
Director/Editor: Jack Klink
Writers/Editors: Eliza Lo Chin, Mollie Marr, Fatima Fahs, Angie Klink, Connie Newman
Historical Consultant: Kimberly Jensen
Narrator: Michelle Kaufer
Additional Voices: Janet Ivey, Christy Harst, Claudine Ohayon, Sara Nodjoumi, Kirsten Sanford, Jenise Morgan, Kenneth Hughes
Project Coordinators: Sarah Chin, Nitisha Mehta
Research Assistants: Emily Chin, Nathan Chin, Rachel Go, Zayn Holt, Christina Mathew, Marni Siegel


American College of Surgeons
American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Association of Women Psychiatrists
Doug and Eliza Chin
Claudia Morrissey Conlon
Warachal Eileen Faison
Diana Galindo
Roberta and Gregory Gebhard
Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer
Shahnaz Fatteh
Farzanna Haffizulla
Suzanne Harrison
Sandy Hazanow
Satty Gill Keswani
Joan Lo and Alan Go
Wenso and Grace Lo
Padmini Murthy
Connie Newman
Lillian Gonzalez-Pardo
Karen Poirier-Brode
Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber
Taylor Stevens
Laurel Waters and Jeanne Robertson


Holly Atkinson
Elizabeth Fox
Robin Faye

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