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AMWA Supports Voices From the Silenced, a Dramatic Recounting of Abortion Stories    

Groundbreaking play transformed into film highlights compelling abortion experiences on the eve of the second anniversary of the Dobbs Decision

The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) is proudly backing Voices from the Silenced, a moving tribute to the strength of women by playwrights Victoria Rue and Martha Boesing, in partnership with Luna Productions. This film brings to light the personal accounts of women who faced abortions before the Roe v. Wade decision.

Timely Release on the Dobbs Decision Anniversary

As the nation observes the second anniversary of the Dobbs ruling, which has significantly limited access to abortion in many states, the release of Voices from the Silenced is especially timely. The film portrays the lived experiences of women who experienced the perils of illegal abortions and societal condemnation, serving as a stark reminder of the current struggle for reproductive rights.

A Powerful Narrative

This 57-minute film skillfully blends dramatic and relived experiences to create a compelling call for reflection and dialogue. The playwrights, Victoria Rue and Martha Boesing, present a deeply personal depiction of the challenges women faced prior to January 1973. They have crafted a narrative that highlights the critical importance of protecting reproductive rights.


Quotes from the Filmmakers and AMWA President

“Through Voices from the Silenced, we aim to honor the women whose stories have been overlooked for far too long. By amplifying their voices, we hope to ignite empathy, understanding, and action in the ongoing fight for reproductive rights,” says Victoria Rue, film co-writer and co-director.

Martha Boesing, co-writer and co-director, adds “Voices from the Silenced is a testament to the power of storytelling in effecting social change. By confronting the harsh realities of the past, we address the challenges of the present and future. This film is not just a reflection of history but a call-to-action for a more just and equitable society.”

AMWA President Susan Hingle, MD, emphasized the film’s relevance, stating, “This film is not just a recounting of history but a stark warning of what’s at stake. It underscores the urgent need to protect reproductive rights and serves as a rallying cry for those who believe in women’s autonomy and dignity. We must not let history repeat itself.”

The Making of the Film

The film’s origins lie in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling on the Dobbs decision. Victoria Rue and Martha Boesing, residents of a senior community in Northern California, felt compelled to act. They gathered stories from women who had abortions before Roe v. Wade, many of whom had never shared their experiences before. These narratives were transformed into the play ,Voices from the Silenced, which received rave reviews and captivated audiences with its poignant storytelling, and then reenacted in film to preserve the stories.

AMWA’s Crucial Call-to-Action

AMWA’s support has been crucial in bringing this powerful play to a wider audience through film. By documenting these pre-Roe abortion stories, the film aims to foster a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding reproductive rights and the necessity of safeguarding access to comprehensive healthcare. Voices from the Silenced stands as a profound reflection on the past and a clarion call for the present. It is set to captivate audiences through storytelling, visual imagery, and deeply felt relevance to the ongoing fight for women to seek reproductive care.

About AMWA

The American Medical Women’s Association, founded in 1915, is the oldest multispecialty organization of women in medicine. Our mission is to advance women in medicine, advocate for equity, and ensure excellence in healthcare. AMWA co-founded the Reproductive Health Coalition to unite professional organizations and allied associations to advocate with a unified voice to protect access to reproductive care. We represent more than 150 million voices in medicine, healthcare, and patient advocacy.

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