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AMWA President Dr. Suzanne Harrison Speaks on Human Trafficking

AMWA President Dr. Suzanne Harrison provided information and resources on human trafficking to Florida family physicians at the FAFP Spring Forum in Orlando. The message shared with physicians was that healthcare providers are an essential link to resources for victims of human trafficking, and recognition in the healthcare setting is paramount in the war against this egregious violation of human rights. Dr. Harrison explained common warning signs and the importance of engendering trust to facilitate disclosure. She shared resources for linking victims to social and legal services.

Dr. Nicole Bentze, who serves as an AMWA Regional Governor, provided a HIPAA update and essential information for protecting patient health information, with an emphasis on those who teach students in a clinical setting. Another active AMWA member, Dr. Gina Hope, shared research that demonstrated a significant increase in vaccination against HPV in a residency clinic.

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