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AMWA-PATH Attends Hill Briefing on Human Trafficking

L – Dr. Kanani Titchen, R – Kristina Borham

Dr. Kanani Titchen (FAMWA, FAAP) and 2d Lt Kristina Borham, fourth-year medical student, of AMWA-PATH joined approximately two dozen health care professionals and advocates at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. for a briefing and discussion at the Hill’s “Human Trafficking: Increasing Health Care Provider Awareness.”

Congressman Dr. Roger Marshall (R-Kan), U.S. DHHS Senior Advisor on Human Trafficking Katherine Chon, Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ), Cindy McCain (McCain Institute) led the panel discussion.

Dr. Titchen and Lt. Borham advocated for student training in recognition and prevention of human trafficking across educational levels from middle school through medical school. Dr. Titchen and Dr. Hanni Stoklosa (HEAL Trafficking) addressed the need for awareness of labor trafficking in addition to sex trafficking. A rich discussion followed concerning (1) the importance of collaboration and information-sharing, (2) the need to increase physician (and Congressional) awareness of labor trafficking; (3) the need for middle school education to end and prevent human trafficking; and (4) the importance of providing practical resources such as housing and skills training and jobs for survivors’ recovery/healing and prevention.

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L-R: Cindy McCain, Dr. Kanani Titchen, Kristina Borham

Cindy McCain

Katherine Chon

L-R: Kristina Borham, Congressman Marshall, Dr. Kanani Titchen

L – Kristina Borham

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