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AMWA Partners with National Obesity Care Week Oct 30-Nov 5, 2016

 AMWA Partners with National Obesity Care Week Oct 30-Nov 5, 2016

AMWA and its Preventive Medicine Task Force have an interest in educating healthcare providers and the public about obesity as a disease that requires a dialogue between healthcare providers and their patients, and a comprehensive treatment plan. That is one of the reasons why AMWA has partnered with National Obesity Care Week (NOCW), which will take place October 30-November 5, 2016. Now in its 2nd year, NOCW was created to spark a national movement that aims to ensure that anyone affected by obesity receives respectful, comprehensive care.

This year, NOCW has created a new initiative, the “Take 5” Challenge, to further engage healthcare professionals to address obesity. Take 5 provides healthcare professionals with information and resources, including reasons to address obesity, starter questions to engage in productive patient conversations, ICD-10 codes, and referral options for obesity specialists. It is anticipated that this will inspire healthcare providers to talk to five patients about weight and health. Additionally, we encourage providers to challenge five of their colleagues to also “Take 5.” If you are a healthcare provider, please participate in the Take 5 challenge and share your experience with us.

While Take 5 is an important part of NOCW, there are many ways to be engaged and join our efforts to improve obesity care. You can help support obesity legislation and initiatives by sending a letter to your Member of Congress to encourage them to support the Congressional Resolution to acknowledge NOCW or taking The Obesity Society’s pledge to Treat Obesity Seriously.

National Obesity Care Week is also seeking individual supporters through a fundraising campaign. You can view the campaign page here.

Please join AMWA in supporting the “Take 5” Challenge and National Obesity Care Week

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