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AMWA Partners with Korn Ferry Foundation to Expand Diversity of Women Leaders

The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) aims to change the culture of medicine by preparing more women leaders whose varied backgrounds and representative experiences are reflective of the patient population we serve.

“AMWA is strongly committed to expanding the pool of women physicians who are prepared to attain the highest ranks as leaders in medical institutions, across health care systems, and in entrepreneurial fields,” says Eliza Chin, MD, MPH, AMWA Executive Director.

Providing ample leadership development opportunities is an important strategy for our members. As such, AMWA values our partnership with the Korn Ferry Charitable Foundation in supporting our mutual commitment to develop capable leaders prepared to bring more varied insights to their roles as they trailblaze forward.

This exceptional opportunity, extended to our members to participate in the Leadership U for Humanity — a six-month leadership development program including group and individual coaching—affords AMWA another conduit in which women physicians can develop management skills along with professionals of color and other underrepresented individuals as they build their personal brand and expand their network.

“To meet current and future healthcare needs, we need a generation of dynamic leaders who will champion conscious inclusion, embrace diversity, and empower differences to achieve better results,” says Jean-Marc Laouchez, Program Leader of Leadership U for Humanity. “Together, in partnership with AMWA we look forward to making a positive impact toward supporting and developing women in leadership in the healthcare industry.”

Our partnership with the Korn Ferry Charitable Foundation supports the AMWA mission to assure the advancement and opportunities for women physicians as leaders. The Korn Ferry Charitable Foundation’s Leadership U for Humanity program is open to AMWA members who meet the program’s eligibility requirements: between 3 and 15 years of work experience. Eligible AMWA members are extended the opportunity to participate at no cost. We encourage every woman physician to avail herself of this wonderful benefit of AMWA membership.  Apply to Korn Ferry U,

To date, the Korn Ferry Charitable Foundation has completed 16 cohorts of Leadership U for Humanity with more than 110 AMWA members requesting the opportunity to participate. We’d like to see many more women physicians take advantage of the chance to participate in this free leadership program.

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