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AMWA Partner iGIANT Announces 2019 Awards and $1000 Challenge!

iGIANT* Announces Its 2019 Award Recipients:

  • Reed Smith, LLP — Pioneer Award
  • Explore Mars — Ambassador Award
  • North American Rescue — Champion Award
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AMWA was a recipient of the iGIANT 2016 Champion Award.

*impact of Gender/sex on Innovation And Novel Technologies (iGIANT®)

iGIANT Challenge — Win $1000!

iGIANT, a nonprofit, is excited to announce a challenge competition to explore the impact of gender/sex on innovation and novel technologies in our lives. The purpose of this challenge is to establish a common dialog about best practices and to inspire participants to serve as ambassadors for innovation to help accelerate the translation of research into gender/sex-specific design elements such as programs, products, policies, and protocols. ONE $1000 PRIZE will be awarded. We look forward to seeing all your innovative and impactful ideas! Winners will also have the opportunity to bring their idea to fruition with the help of iGIANT and its network of professionals.


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Under Armour, an iGIANT Ambassador, to Design Space Suits for Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic, which plans to use a rocket-powered plane to fly groups of tourists to the edge of space, announced Thursday that Under Armour will develop the suits that will be worn by pilots and passengers during flight.

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OHSU Center for Women’s Health | iGIANT Roundtable

Under Armour participated in a “groundbreaking” iGIANT roundtable accelerating gendered innovation to improve the safety and quality of life, including work performance, for men and women on Earth and in space.

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