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AMWA Participates in IDEAGEN 2017 UN Summit on Women and Girls

(L-R) Heather Van Ness, Dr. Eliza Chin, Mollie Marr, Dr. Connie Newman, Dr.Saralyn Mark, Leslie Short, Dr.Kim Templeton

Keynote Speaker Paola Mendoza, one of the organizers for the Women’s March on Washington this past January, spoke about her experience and passion in organizing the march out of her love for democracy.

Numerous groups were represented – UN agencies, academia, industry, and nonprofit associations.  Topics ranged from digital breakthroughs and global humanitarian work to medicine, business, and media.  Please see the full agenda here.

AMWA participated in the panel, “It’s Time to See the World Through a Sex/Gender Lens,” featuring Dr. Saralyn Mark, Founder and President of iGIANT, Dr. Kim Templeton (AMWA Immediate Past President), and Dr. Eliza Chin (AMWA Executive Director).

Moderator, Leslie Kim (CEO K.I.M. Media LLC & Corporate Operations Strategist of blueprint + co), closed the Summit highlighting the key themes from the day:

  • Innovation
  • Make a change
  • Create sustainable goals
  • Know who you are speaking to
  • Be true to yourself and your brand
  • Be the change agent you can be in your field
  • Gender and equality
  • Shake it up
  • Take a chance
  • Look domestically and globally
  • Women have a voice – use it

AMWA representatives also included Dr. Connie Newman, Dr. Padmini Murthy, Dr. Satty Keswani, and Mollie Marr.

Panel (L-R) Dr. Saralyn Mark, Dr. Eliza Chin, Dr. Kim Templeton

Paola Mendoza

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