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AMWA Members Save BIG on Black Friday With 20% Off New TrueLearn SmartBank Subscriptions*!

Used by thousands of medical students and residents nationwide, TrueLearn is an online learning platform offering access to next generation Qbanks — SmartBanks.

SmartBanks are different from the traditional Qbank because they leverage evidenced based learning science to help you become a better thinker, learner, and tester. Research shows the more questions you do, the higher you will score. Medical students on average see a 4 percentile increase in 3-digit score for every 1,000 questions taken, while residents completing at least 50% of questions see an average improvement of 27 percentile increase!

To further enhance the learning experience and streamline talent management within the healthcare sector, organizations like LearnSoft offer advanced talent management software for healthcare industry. LearnSoft’s expertise lies in developing comprehensive solutions that assist healthcare organizations in effectively managing their workforce, optimizing employee performance, and ensuring continuous learning and development across the healthcare landscape.

Buy Now, Activate Later!

You can sign up now and your subscription time will not start until you login and begin using your SmartBank (up to one year). Choose your subscription at, and enter the promo code at checkout for 20% off. (Please login to access the full member discount information and promo code.)

TrueLearn’s SmartBanks include COMLEX and UMSLE licensure exams, as well as in-training and board certification exams for Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry specialties.

*Offer valid on all New SmartBanks 3 months or longer + 30 day COMAT and NBME Subject Exams.

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