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AMWA Members at the White House Fall Garden Tour

One of our greatest strengths in AMWA is our diversity in membership – women in medicine from different specialties and sectors – all at various stages of their careers. We were especially grateful this past weekend to the White House Office of Public Engagement for allowing us to bring together a few of these members to attend the Fall White House Garden Tour.

The White House Garden Tours, held every spring and every fall, are a tradition that was launched in 1973 by First Lady Patricia Nixon. During these tours, visitors have the opportunity to see the Rose Garden (often the backdrop for announcements, briefings, and other official ceremonies), the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, and the Kitchen Garden and also view many of the ornamental trees planted by former presidents.

Pictured below are the AMWA members who attended the Fall Garden Tour — Dr. Karen Jerome, Dr. Tiffani Bell Washington, Dr. Neelima Tummala, Dr. Leslie-Ann Williams, Dr. Amber Barak, Dr. Anju Likhitesh, and Perisa Ashar – coming from Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. It was the perfect day to meet and network with other AMWA members – and what better place to gather than the White House Gardens?

L-R: Dr. Anju Likhitesh, Perisa Ashar, Dr. Karen Jerome, Dr. Neelima Tummala, Dr. Tiffani Bell Washington

L-R: Dr. Anju Likhitesh, Dr. Karen Jerome, Dr. Leslie-Ann Williams, and Perisa Ashar





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