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AMWA Member Spotlight — Elizabeth Edwardsen

Dr. Elizabeth Edwardsen
Emergency Medicine

Tell us about your work.

I wrote a book on gender bias, published in 2018.  I explain my personal experiences with gender bias during my 28 year career as an emergency physician affiliated with the University of Rochester. I retired in 2017. I was required to use a pen name by the publisher but have added my true identity to my book webpage. Please feel free to provide feedback or pass on the link. Elizabeth “Betsy” A. Edwardsen, MD (maiden name Dickerson, prior married name deLahunta).

What helped get you there?

A lifetime sense of purpose and activism to promote cultural change, equality and empowerment of women.

Have there been any interests that you have continued to pursue outside of medicine? Have you been able to combine these with your medical career?

Non-violence efforts

I created medical curricula, wrote research articles and text chapters on partner violence, sexual assault, empathy and communication skills.

What advice do you have for students?

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Follow your dreams.
Maintain your values.
Never give up.
Speak truth to power.

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