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AMWA Member Spotlight — Dr. Meridith Englander

Dr. Meridith Englander Specialty: Interventional Radiology

Tell us about your work.

As an interventional radiologist, a large part of my job involves educating the staff about what we can do for patients. I like to work with referring physicians to develop the best care plan for patients. I love that IR is often the only hope for patients with critical medical problems and that we make a difference every day.

What helped get you there?

My parents and grandparents always supported my aspirations to become a physician. Attending Smith College, which is a women’s college, reinforced the message that being a woman was not ever going to prevent me from pursuing my dreams. I have followed my passions and interests along the way and ended up in an amazing specialty.

Have there been any interests that you have continued to pursue outside of medicine? Have you been able to combine these with your medical career?

Interventional radiology is a specialty that is about 9% women. Several years into my career, I realized that I had the ability to work towards changing this statistic. Advocacy for women in IR and working for gender equity across all fields of medicine has become a huge part of my non-clinical life.

What advice do you have for students?

Whenever I speak to medical students, I always encourage them to do what they love, not what they think they should be doing. It is a long career and a long life, think about what will make you happy and then work hard to get that.

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