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AMWA Leaders Talk About Career Choices as Women in Medicine

Two Women in Medicine Discuss their Nontraditional Clinical Career Paths

Mentorship—a key member benefits fostered by the American Medical Women’s Association—is often the key to advancement of women in medicine. Such is the story shared by two prominent AMWA members who have chosen nontraditional clinical careers. Anju Goel, MD, an internal medicine specialist in Los Altos, California, and director of leadership development at the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), and Elizabeth Garner, MD, chief medical officer ObsEva are featured in a recent article in Forbes magazine. Read More:

As Dr. Goel says, “The highly competitive and critical culture of medicine was built by male physicians. It persists even as medicine becomes more diverse. AMWA is such a refreshing change from that.” Dr. Garrner says, that “it wasn’t until a mentor of mine entered the industry that I realized this was a viable and interesting career option.”

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AMWA members featured in Forbes magazine

Two members of the American Medical Women’s Association take alternative paths to traditional medicine. Photo: Flicker

Longtime AMWA Members Share Insights Working in Male-Dominated Medical Settings

Shikha Jain, MD,  and Roberta Gebhard, MD, two prominent members of the American Medical Women’s Association, are featured in a recent Forbes article, “Working In A Male-Dominated Medical Practice Can Cost Female Physicians $90,000—Or More.”

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